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"Excellence is an art won by training and habituation". Aristotle




"Behold the pen '' . For all we know these cave sketchings were most likely predicated for a successful hunt.


Fact : Remember PC's sold  , on the back of games  and the dreaded ‘upgrade’  began!


You don’t learn to play a stringed  instrument and then think I know , why don’t they put the strings inside!?!


Which is what updates do! On top of that , you can’t play in the philharmonic unless you have a ‘ ‘straditragedy’!


Since we've all been played, especially those of us who went through universities without MS having emerged, rather than smarting, get smarter -wholistic smart!













Fact : We are beacons of energy , creating and manifesting our desires.


In the knowledge economy , armed with a smartphone , the first  thing we tend to lose in busy-ness is Knowledge!


That's the big 'K' and little 'k' to paraphrase Maharaji with 'taking time to breath,cause it means EVERYTHING'.


Organise your virtual and real world network. Its a mobile world!









The Post-it as the ‘ Done it’.


The world cries ' you can't stereotype,’

then feasts on the homogenised society we’ve created for one and all with Happy Pills for one and all!’ .