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Flijh WalliT Flijh People™


"Change your thoughts", I tell myself ," and watch

how your life changes." My thoughts DO change.

Make Time for TBL *


Introducing the World’s First Mobile Pholio

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Fli'jh !




Designed by A  l i'j' a n d r o  Z.

  In the Italian leather of your choice



In today's Age of Distraction having tapped  into your hijherself , there are a multitude of leapfrogged disruptive technologies available for succeeding… all it takes is implementation.
Embrace the Divine Feminine , embrace Infinite ingenuity , reframe success.



 Yes , I can live within the use of my current business phone and boost my results. 

Yes , I’ve spent way too long

upgrading ,updating and being distracted.

 Yes  ,I want to boost my creativity and productivity by 240% or more!








In the Knowledge Age Luxuriate in Simplicitiy with The iBiz Hijhflijher.


The Greatest Touch is your own.

Say 'hi,to your hijher self ! '


Mobile pholios for the Mobiliaire . 


' Add your light and colour to the Great Way. '

Pour L'Age de Mobiliaire Alijandro Z.



Take the time to make the time




If I was given only five minutes to speak to you and I could convey only one thought that would help you to be more successful, I would tell you to Write down your goals… Brian Tracy




Hijh flijher thinkin'


Hijh flijher thinking …

Every 18 months for the last decade, the world has doubled the data it pushes to you.

Twice as much email, twice as many friend requests, twice as many sites to check, twice as many devices.Its about time your phone got U! Ur  phone will never get U , or Ur  way of working , time for some real smart thinking.Seth Godin 



Taking Productivity Pills?Time to Wake Up




Remember when the first 'smart' phones were called ' busines phones ' ? Did you get more done with the 6310i? Well, if you want to get back to business rather than playing with gadgets and comparing and upgrading  this is your only mobile choice.



Seek first to understand then to be understood




As Stephen Covey suggests,is your I T toy of choice doing that? Is your 24 month contract doing that in a scary ' con-conomy ' (to paraphrase Bob Proctor) Or just lumping you with text, minutes with data and no information?






" The challenge of our time may be to build organizations and platforms that  engage and coordinate the elites, wherever they are. After all, this is where change and productivity come from." Seth Godin



“I am successful BECAUSE I Love my hijherself ”





Buying a suit used to make the impression , but guess what ? With the new PR , being organised and using the tools , available, mobile sync’d to a shared diary with Gcal , freely available is Generation Y.



Hijhflijher thinkiin’ Number 3



"Without a sense of urgency, desire loses its value." Jim Rohn




Birthflowers and Birthstones Gift Sets





  • Weekend
  • Passport size
  • Metro fit
  • Gift set for every pocket
  • Matched leather
  • Invest in the very best , one-self!
  • Priced from £879 - £3,500.Birthflowers and
  • Birthstones connexion
  • Limited shades
  • Personalised Giift Sets



Environment is but your looking glass







" You think in secret and it comes to pass, environment is but your looking glass.” James Allen




Make time for Truth Beauty & Love





“Treasure Yourself ”. ' I’m always writing my goals. ’

Miranda Kerr … Beautiful Buddhist #1



The Real and Ideal in Harmony






“I Live Wholistic and Realistic ”.




55 Trillion Dollar Tip




Invest in the best, YOURSELF with a  Planner and the success indices…complimentary gifts with Gift Sets



So the sage lives openly with apparent duality Lao-tzu .




Hijh flijher thinkin’




'' My Wholistic purpose is to be the best

that I can be'' .





Embrace the Divine Feminine






Yes You Are Very Special...