The most profound book Living Creatively



In The Wisdom of China and India,Dr Lin Yu Tang states "If there is one book in the whole of Oriental literature which should be read above all others , it is , in my opinion [ Lao-tzu's] Book of Tao... It is one of the profoundest books in the world's philosophy ..."more







Beautiful Focus


Productivity like creativity thrives within clear parameters. We surpass expectations when this happens . Mobile technology in particular defies this logic , endless options ,'choices' and banter shackle creativity and waste precious time. That's the key difference between makers and managers 










The Will of Life


Though many Greats have pushed the boundaries to experience  flow…


The One way to Be More Productive: Simplify , prioritise , create. Be Fearless

Focus & Flow


In the state of 'flow' identified and talked about over the centuries , you actually function on a higher plane of clarity creativity and competence. You are more sensitive and as were. Your insight  and intuition  function with incredible precision  .You see the interconnectedness of people and circumstances around you. You often come up with brilliant ideas and insights that enable you to move ahead even more rapidly…more