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"Beauty filled the religion-sized hole created by science."Roger Scruton , Philosopher


Tools for the creative genius within all.


Pharoh's pronouncements in the time of Moses , ' so shall it be written , so shall it be done '  resulting in pyramids in the desert.

Around 7000 years later, ' computer says no ' , leading to and from  incompetence  /  75%  of stress and anxiety issues  and upgrade-mania  . All the while we're afloat in oceans of data, superfluous data-mountains , and now it's spreading to phones !




























The passionate pursuit of excellence by doing things right the first time is what gives work and life greater meaning and which gratifies the human soul.



1 candle lights countless others , without losing anything of itself... (if you angle the other candle into it!)



















...and then along came String Theory!


The world cries ' you can't stereotype,then feasts on the homogenised society created for one and all with CRM for all' .